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ID no.13

Media: CD 
Released: 2000
Catalog no: CN-E02-00-380-00
Barcode no:

Note :
This version has the same songs on it, but in another order.
Title:  Blue Night
(Alternative Version)

Tracklist :
1. You Took My Heart Away
2. Blue Night
3. Eternal Flame
4. Angel Eyes
5. More Than A Friend
6. One Way Street
7. Whatever It May Take
8. Watch Your Back
9. Tell It To Your Heart
10. Stuck In The Heat
11. Digging Your Love
12. Fools Direction

Hong Kong

This work is credited on the songs seperately
Background Vocals:  Niels HP
Susanne Marcussen
Bass:  Henrik "SP" Poulsen
Jesper Bodilsen
Composer:  Jascha Richter
Mikkel Lentz
Niels Rayet Pors
Søren Madsen
Thomas Windfeld Schmidt
Engineer:  Boe Larsen
Horn:  Jesper Riis
Jimmi Riise
Nikolaj Bøgelund
Lyrics Consulting:  Ashley Mulford
Lyrics Writer:  Ashley Mulford
Jascha Richter
Mikkel Lentz
Niels Rayet Pors
Søren Madsen
Thomas Windfeld Schmidt
Master:  George Marino
Nikolaj Vinten
Mixer:  Boe Larsen
Lars Overgaard
Mads Nilsson
Percussion:  Jacob Andersen
Producer:  Boe Larsen
Mikkel Lentz
Programming (Strings Arrangement):  Boe Larsen
ProTools Programming:  Boe Larsen
Strings:  Andrea Gyarfas
Johan Krarup
Jon Anderskou
Ola Røkkom
Ole Jacob Frederiksen
Søren Østergaard
Uffe Wissing
Vivi Jørgensen
This work is credited on the entire album
Executive Producer:  Michael Ritto
Nick Foss
Keyboard:  Mikkel Lentz
Omnichord:  Mikkel Lentz
Photographer:  Henrik Bülow
Programming:  Mikkel Lentz
Stylist (cover photos):  Bjarne Lindgreen
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