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Gone After Midnight  04:11

This is the people who work on this song
besides the MLTR members normal work
Composer:  Jascha Richter
Lyrics Writer:  Jascha Richter
Marybeth Derry
Additional Bass:  Oli Poulsen
Additional Drums:  Jan Lysdahl
Additional Guitar:  Hans Henrik Egestorp
Jens Hofman
Lars Overgaard
Oli Poulsen
Tony Peluso
Additional Keyboard:  Hans Henrik Egestorp
Oli Poulsen
Additional Percussion:  Rune Olesen
Additional Programming:  Oli Poulsen
Additional Background Vocals:  Jens Hofman
Lars Overgaard
Oli Poulsen
Mixer:  Oli Poulsen  at  Medley Studio
Tony Peluso  at  Medley Studio
Executive Producer:  Poul Bruun
Producer:  Jens Hofman
Oli Poulsen
Assistant Recorder:  Anders Bonde  at  Medley Studio
Recorder:  Oli Poulsen  at  Medley Studio
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This song is not released in any other versions

This song, in this version, is on the following releases:
  Studio Albums
Michael Learns To Rock (CD)
I Still Carry On (Vinyl Single) (promotion)
I Still Carry On (CD-Single)
The Actor (CD-Single)
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