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It's Only Love  04:36

This is the people who work on this song
besides the MLTR members normal work
Composer:  Jascha Richter
Johan Stentorp
Lyrics Writer:  Jascha Richter
Johan Stentorp
Bass:  Johan Stentorp
Guitar:  Marcus Jacobson
Pelle Jemryd
Keyboard:  Johan Stentorp
Programming (Percussion):  Johan Stentorp
Background Voclas:  Johan Stentorp
Arranger:  Johan Stentorp  at  The Big Fish
Mixer:  Johan Stentorp  at  The Big Fish
Producer:  Johan Stentorp  at  The Big Fish
Recorder:  Johan Stentorp  at  The Big Fish
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This song is not released in any other versions

This song, in this version, is on the following releases:
  Greatest Hits
I Walk This Road Alone (CD)
The Best Of Michael Learns To Rock Live (CD)
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